*ODCC helps patients to have healthy and comfort lives. 
*We provide not only dental treatment but also offer help with various aspects of health maintenance, recovery,
  promotion and preventive measures. In doing so make every effort to offer the best medical services.
*To offer high quality medical services, we utilize both traditional treatments and modern techniques based on  scientific advances. This allows us to give the most appropriate treatment for each patient.
*Timing is very important for medical intervention.

General dentistry

Other than cancer and hereditary illnesses, the sicknesses that appear inside the mouth are mainly cavities,periodontal disease and jaw arthritis. With some specific exceptions, these ailments are caused by conditions in the mouth and can impair the normal function of the mouth.


Digestion: The mouth is the first step of digestion and it's functions include mastication and swallowing.
Pronunciation: Teeth position and their shape including tongue is very important for proper pronunciation.
Smile: A nice smile can be one of the most important communication tools.
Impulse to the brain: Sensory elements in the mouth are very sensitive, providing stimulus to the brain.
Ability to exercise: Dental bite influences total body balance and body power.

Preventative dentistry

Age 0-20-----ODCC Kids Club
Adult-------------ODCC Club
The aim of preventative dentistry is to avoid any factor which leads to ill- health. The basic idea is to try to
ensure your continuing oral health and to initiate proactive and constructive dental care prior to illness causing
pain. We offer tooth brushing instluction, cleaning, PMTC, fluoride treatment and 3DS periodically according
to each patient's individual needs.

Preventative dentistry

Children's dental care

Eating healthy food is very important for children. Also it can be important for children’s health to give certain treatment which can have a great impact on them. We would like to support parents who are concerned about the arrangement of their children’s teeth, or any other dental problems, from their teething period onwards, to concentrate on maintaining good dental health.

Children's dental care

Orthodontic dentistry

We use braces and other special devices which apply pressure on the teeth and jaw to move the teeth slowly. In children’s orthodontic dentistry, we take advantage of the body's development so that treatment can proceed efficiently. We focus on visual effects and ideal tooth arrangement for better maintenance through everyday care.
In Adult orthodontic dentistry, we focus on ideal tooth arrangement to optimize conditions of the fully developed mouth.


We make artificial dental roots in the jaw bone and insert artificial teeth to replace lost natural teeth.
Modern techniques and materials now allow for natural-looking and fully-functional artifical teeth. We give complete examinations and exact diagnosis to ensure a precise treatment program.

Cosmetic dentistry, Whitening

Dental treatment is not only for dealing with oral illnesses. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on beautiful, healthy-looking teeth leading to increased self-confidence. New techniques and materials including composite resin and all-ceramic crowns enable us to create a natural, beautiful look. We also offer cleaning and whitening.

Cosmetic dentistry, Whitening

Artificial dentures

Artificial dentures are for recovering the functions (chewing, swallowing, speaking) and visual appeal impaired through the loss natural teeth. In cases where implants or other treatments are inappropriate, artificial dentures could be very effective. If you have any questions or problems please let us know.

ODCC Kids Club

*ODCC Kids Club is a prevention program for 0-20 years old.
*Children’s oral health begins in the womb and at this stage the mother's health is very important.
*Age 0-5 is the preparation period for adult teeth.
*Age 6-20 is the preparation period for long-term healthy living.
*Age of 0-10 is the period in which family support is necessary for children to develop good lifestyle habits.)


*ODCC Club is a prevention program for adults. 
*Lets maintain your health for a comfortable life.
*Your lifestyle habits influence your oral health. As it is very difficult to maintain total oral health, we
recommend regular checks to ensure a rapid recovery from illness.
*To prevent disease, it is very important to exercise self-control.

Doctors and dental hygienists

Doctors and dental hygienists

*We treat all our patients with kindness and always try our best to be a trusted clinic.
*There are various kinds of medical treatments. We utilize treatments from traditional methods to modern
technology to give the most appropriate treatment for each patient.
*We believe that medical treatment is not only for curing disease, but also for advising on prevention skills to
maintain your good oral health.